Marinette County Association for Business and Industry, Inc.

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2016 Agendas

Building Comm. Agenda 12-21-16





09-27-16 Building Comm Agenda 10-27-16

10-27-16 MCABI Board ADDENDUM Agenda

10-27-16-MCABI Board Agenda

08-25-16 MCABI Board ADDENDUM Agenda

08-25-16 MCABI Board AgendaBuilding Comm. Agenda

08-17-1608-1-16 Building Comm. Agenda

07-21-16 MCABI Board Agenda

07-7-16 Building Comm. Agenda

06-23-2016 MCABI Board Agenda-Annual Mtg

06-23-16 MCABI Board Agenda

05-26-2016 MCABI Board Agenda

04-28-2016 MCABI Board Agenda

03-31-2016 MCABI Board Agenda

03-15-16 Building Comm. Agenda

02-25-2016 MCABI Board AMENDED Agenda

02-25-2016 MCABI Board Agenda

01-28-2016 MCABI Board Agenda

01-25-16 AGENDA potential quorum