Marinette County Association for Business and Industry, Inc.

Growing quality of life

Role in County

MCABI long term goals hope to have the following impacts in Marinette County:

  • Sharing of resources, information, funding and expenses to grow the economic base.
  • Business retention and/or expansion resulting in job retention and/or creation and job security for employees. The impact when a business leaves a community has a ripple effect that reaches far beyond the employees and suppliers who are directly effected.
  • New business development and bringing businesses into the county leading to job creation who provide livable wages, thus enhancing the tax base. This type of development brings money into the county that would not be here otherwise and has a huge fiscal impact and improves the quality of life for residents.
  • MCABI provides a main source of information and can respond to questions and requests for information in a timely fashion. We also facilitate matching businesses and/or communities with resources or funding opportunities, helping Marinette County be more competitive.

mcabi flow chart

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