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Growing Quality Of Life

Role in County

MCABI long term goals hope to have the following impacts in Marinette County:

  • Support and retain current businesses, support entrepreneurship, and recruit new businesses to Marinette County
  • Identify a minimum of two value-added services that will further benefit County businesses;
  • Collaborate with local and regional partners to focus on and develop strategies for the continued  development of the Marinette County workforce
  • Maintaining collaborative relationships with MCABI stakeholders, legislators and federal, state, and local resource agencies
  • Development a targeted marketing campaign to brand Marinette County
  • Maintaining and growing existing partnerships and collaborate with regional economic development organizations
  • Craft and execute a plan to continue the development and impact of the Wisconsin Maritime Center of Excellence (WMCOE), achieve a 75% occupancy within three years.
  • Build a plan for financial independence and grow the membership of the MCABI by 25%.
  • Administering Marinette County Industrial Development Corporation’s revolving loan funds
  • Prepare economic development related grant applications; assisting the MCABI Board of Directors with implementing policy and strategies identified in the strategic plan, and possessing the necessary managerial skills to supervise the MCABI office & WMCOE

mcabi flow chart

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