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Gold Shovel Ready Site Certification

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What is it?

The New North Gold Shovel Ready designation is designed to identify both publicly and privately owned sites throughout the New North region, which are suitable for development. The goal of this program is to gather uniform site information to increase the quality of site documentation, as well as the overall number of sites that are ready for development. New North will actively market these sites to regional, national and international site selectors.

Gold Shovel Ready Sites have:

  • Current Maps
  • Utilities installed or near enough for a prompt installation
  • Appropriate transportation routes
  • Zoning in place or planned
  • Documentation of any nearby restrictions
    (geological, environmental, easements)
  • Willing sellers and clear ownership information
  • Area statistics and demographic information

Why should you participate?

The Gold Shovel Ready designation will identify your property to developers, site selectors and companies looking for suitable expansion locations. Knowing this information up front helps brokers, site selectors, developers and companies expedite their search, allowing these particular sites to stand out against the competition.

How does this differ from the state of Wisconsin certified sites program?

This designation is not meant to replace or compete with the State of Wisconsin Certified Site Program, but rather to provide a scaled-down alternative for smaller sites or those that cannot meet the criteria of the State program. New North will market the Wisconsin Certified Sites within the region at no charge as part of the Gold Shovel Ready marketing.

Is there a cost to participate?

Yes, the cost to apply is $500 for the first year per listing. One business park is considered to be one listing even though it may include several contiguous development lots.

How will this be promoted?

Through this program, sites will be promoted directly to developers and real estate professionals. Designated sites will automatically be entered into the State of Wisconsin’s online property database and be featured on New North’s website. Advertising campaigns, newsletters, direct marketing, and other communication efforts throughout the year will promote Gold Shovel Ready sites to real estate brokers and site selectors.

How long does the designation last?

New North’s Gold Shovel Ready Site designation is valid for one year. At the end of year one, the information must be validated or updated and designation can continue for a fee of $150. Below are instructions, submission form and a sample Gold Shovel Submission from the Village of Pound.

Gold Shovel Submittal Instructions      Gold Shovel Ready Submission        GoldShovel_Sample_Portfolio

Contact MCABI for more information at info@mcabi.com or call (715) 732-1050.