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Marinette County transportation systems include the following:

Interstate Hwy 41 turns into U.S. Highway 41 just south of Marinette County, whichtransportation 01 is also served north-south by U.S. Hwy 141 and State Hwy 180. U.S. Hwy 8 and State Hwy 64 run east-west. Hwy 64 intersects with both Hwy 41 & Hwy 141 in the southern part of the county and Hwy 141 intersects with Hwy 8 in the north plus US Hwy 2 in Michigan, immediately north of Niagara.

In Marinette County, rail transport is provided by the Escanaba & Lake Superior and Canadian National Railroads, with daily service available and piggyback service as nearby as 50 miles.

Air service for Marinette County is accessible from the Twin County Airport located airplanein neighboring Menominee, MI, across the river from Marinette in the south and Ford Airport in Kingsford, MI, across the river from Niagara and Aurora. The Crivitz airport is a small, mid-county airport.

The Twin County Airport has a 5,997 foot, hard-surface runway, lighted, Unicom radio, instrument landing system, VOR, 80AV gas – 100LL – Jet A with additive, and a comfortable terminal. Hangar space available to transient traffic and car rental service. There is freight service from the Twin County Airport.

Ford Airport has a lighted, hard surface runway is 6,800 feet with Unicom radio, instrument landing system, VOR, non-directional beacon. There is passenger and freight service at Ford Airport.

Located in the Town of Stephenson, the Crivitz Municipal Airport features a 2,500 ft. paved runway with pilot controlled lights and a well maintained turf runway. Free tie downs are available for visiting aircraft. Distance to nearest commercial air service is 60 miles south to Austin Straubel International Airport, Green Bay or 54 miles north to Ford Airport in Kingsford – Iron Mountain, MI.

PORTS & HARBORStransportation 04

The City of Marinette has a deep water port with a channel depth of ~28 feet and two available cranes with 50 tons of capacity each. Port service is open April through December. The channel was dredged last in 2014.